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About the LRBID

The Lincoln Rd Business Improvement District, Inc. was formed with the purpose of stabilizing and improving the Lincoln Rd retail business district (which is located within a nationally recognized historic district) through promotion, management, marketing and similar services by representing and advocating for the property owners and business owners located within its boundaries.

By promoting and encouraging the continued development of a diverse, vibrant and pedestrian-friendly Lincoln Rd mixed use neighborhood, the LRBID provides a dynamic setting for businesses, the visiting public, arts and entertainment, as well as area residents. Lincoln Rd is the cultural and civic hub for the community. The LRBID fosters a spirit of cooperation and maintenance of high standards of quality among its members, bringing transformative projects into the District. The LRBID is committed to creating a favorable environment, which will increase commercial and cultural activity within the District of Lincoln Rd.

District Boundaries

The District is bounded on the west by Alton Road; on the east by Washington Avenue; on the north by 17th Street; and on the south by Lincoln Lane South; provided, however, that the following properties are excluded from the District: (i) residential properties; (ii) properties owned or operated by a religious institution and used as a place of worship or education (as defined in Section 170.201(2), Florida Statutes); and (iii) common areas owned by condominium associations.

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Governing Body


Steve Gombinski
Ben Brody
Thelma Deutsch
David Tornek
Mindy McIlroy
Howard Herring
Lyle Stern
David Herzberg
Albert Cohen
Mel Schlesser
Glen Boyer


Steve Gombinski, President
Lyle Stern, Vice President
Mindy McIlroy, Treasurer
Howard Herring, Secretary
Ben Brody, Member at Large
Timothy F. Schmand – Executive Director, Ex-Oficio (Non-Voting)


Dan Gelber, Mayor
Jimmy Morales, City Manager
Raul J. Aguila, City Attorney
Nick Kallergis, Esq., Assistant City Attorney
Rafael E. Granado, City Clerk
Adrian Morales, City Appointee

Contact LRBID

Lincoln Road Business Improvement District, Inc.
1620 Drexel Avenue, Suite 100
Miami Beach Fl, 33139

Board of Directors Minutes, Agenda Notices

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